Ghostface Killah The Juks Lyrics

(feat. Trife & Superb)

[Intro: Superb]
Yo roll, yo' roll
My roll, my roll
Aiyo Maurice go to the store for me son
My roll, tell that b____ Keisha come here
Tell that b____ Keisha come here man
(Two dutches, hollar, hollar)
n____s rollin' for money over there dunn
(It's on a breathin', it's slice on
I want that honey's bracelet)
Gettin' it over there

[Ghostface Killah]
Aiyo what's in it? Three M's in the bank
Shoot it, oh you gotta stop?
Six b____es, to the top
A four and better, beat the five
I looked him in his eyes, grabbed the dice
Son I'll five 'em better twice for ya f___in' life
Money feed good, all downs is a bet
Meanin', any money on the ground is a bet
Open up the pool, get a dicin' room
Aight b____es, use Pampers, girls need a nice room
That's a six, I told you that b____ ain't claustrophic
If you a__-bettin', you just bet yo' a__
Nah, I got the money, I even got one wit' me
And 'Von bring it too, he on his way to come get me
He just hit me, he'll be here in fifteen
With them two things, grey Benz and maroon seats
I got a quarter-mil in each of my first sleeves
The rest is in my longjonhs, boots and jeans
Come in the buildin', before I pay I wanna see a three
Come in the buildin', n____

[Chorus: Superb]
Pop your collar (do whatever you do best)
Just pop your collar (up the ladder to the hill of success)

Aiyo, aiyo, aiyo, he had three down and bet three M's
So you know what happened to him
He got three rounds, we all ex-dealers
Ex-killers, we gon' ride to the death for the skrilla
I hold my own and rep my n____s
Always oil my guns and inspect my triggas
Sometimes I call my lawyer just to check my figures
He told me not to worry, all cheques is clearin'
So f___ my rhymes, I got the best appearance
And I survive through project experiences
You wanna roll dice or roll and ride?
No matter, you gon' get holes inside
See you f___in' with Theodore Dieni
You f___in' with a metaphor King Pin
You f___in' with him? Wu-Tang
Wu, you f___in' with them?
Dun, do you wanna gun to make you slim?
So I'ma pop my collar, get my dollars
Pop all parlors and f___in' with money scholars?
Matter of fact I'm gonna f___ with rockweilers

[Chorus: Superb]
Pop your collar (do whatever you do best)
Get your dollar (New York, up the ladder to the hill of success)
Pop your collar (you know what we gonna do)
Just pop your collar (New York, say no more, New York, say no more..)

Let off the Jackey Don, rollin' the dice with a happy arm
Everything good, money on wood
Bank stoppers, I send them home broke
Have them all in they stash, bettin' they own coat
I takes it all, fifty and better, you make the call
Watch you break your all, big sixes cuz I'm a n____ who don't like to fall
High roller, see how my dice kiss
Push you pay me, and if I roll trips you pay me twice b____
I rocks, believe it or not
Come broke to a dice game, step off and leave with a knot
Head cracks is all you see when I'm hot
What's in the pop? A 00 g's to the bank to the man, who got it stopped
My hand is like a gun, feel the heat when it's c___ed
4-5-6 your heart drop, way deep in your socks
You wanna walk, broke your a__ down the street with a bop
The drinks is on you tonight, from my peeps in the spot

[Chorus: Superb]
Pop your collar (do whatever you do best, yo)
Get your dollar (up the ladder to the hill of success)
Pop your collar (you know what we gonna do)
Just pop your collar (pop us, do us)

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