Gino Vannelli Wayward Lover Lyrics

It's good to see the sun
And trace the miles of golden corn
To walk the sacred ground
Where I was born

To touch the morning glories
Upon the hills we used to climb
To see your face
After all this time

From the long lonesome road I come to greet you
From the land where the restless hearts roam
I've come back to tell just how much I need you
And that your wayward lover has come home

So fine to lay in fields
Beneath the arc of heaven's light
To hold you in my arms
Deep into the night

So glad to know your heart
Has not grown bitter with the years
To see forgiveness
In your moonlit tears


Once I left a girl crying
Beneath an old willow tree
Just thought she might be waiting there for me

From the land where angels fear to stray
It took a million miles to know how much I want you
And that your wayward lover's here to stay

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