Example So Many Roads Lyrics

Was it sleep deprivation or deep meditation?
That made me miss my last train from Paddington station
Salvation the key to incredible journeys
Up bright and early go head-first into the calm breeze
My true geez and I
He play percussion, I scribble on oak trees
Pretty please tell me my syllables credible
My cordon bleu sonnets you just wishing they edible
Indelible Ink causes a hell of a stink
Indiscreet about our trip, we don't care what you think
Or maybe we do care, don't show concern
So many paths it's like which way to turn
Look down at my shoes I find clues
Ask myself 'Do I break the news to conforming fools?'
We swarm in nuf schools to outflank the rules
Of what your DJs playing on his ones and twos

Maybe jackin all those samples was stupid cupid
We're never gettin clearance or distributed
The big guns fought back, Example got muted
A warrant for my tongue plus they suited and booted
They've looted the premises, stolen my genesis
Mouth caused a fuss like i'm some kinda nemesis
Enemies came, I packed my ruck sack
Its not at all what it was cracked up to be
It weren't up to me it was down to the system
Blink and you'll miss dem, consumers kiss dem
And if you're like me have a drink and diss them
They kicked in the door signed litigation
But I'm on a platform in Paddington station
I wont try and scram from the sirens
Just sittin here alone doin battle with my eyelids

We earnt 'Clockwork Orange' style - couple of doogs
With our tools the rules bend, troublesome dudes
Like Uncle Scrooge Do 'bar humbug' the youts
They could never travel routes in our musical boots
We grouped to function at some unknown junction
Mischievous til we felt the back of a truncheon
Breadcrumbs for luncheon something to munch on
Bruised and confused we're like which road to choose
Now they closing the deficit, I never sit at ease
I'm an easy target - I'm all lethargic
It was wrong to start with something un-conventional
Though it was all intentional
Hardly treason to pen something verbal that's out of season-
Without reason
I was just catching jokes but im now on the run
Like so many roads to choose... but which one?

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