Gary Valenciano Love Songs Medley Lyrics

maybe now i can show you
what went on in my mind
when i first heard this songs
it moved me and hoping someday
they will soothe the memories of
every broken heart of every single broken heart

Each passing night
I try and close my eyes
But thoughts of you
They wake me up
And tear me inside out

Each passing night
I ask myself who's right
And try to find the reasons why
It had to end that night

Didn't we share each other's dreams
We held each other tight
Ang tears fell from my eyes
As you walked and left me here
Like the wind you passed me by
I try but I can't see
If it's something that I said
Baby please won't you tell me now
'Cause it gets harder each passing night

I never meant to hurt your heart this way
Sooner or later
There'd be someone else who'd stay

the years have come and gone
yet because of you my musics played on
and no one would know the feeling i feel inside
evrytime i hear your voices singing harmony with mine
i can imagine how it would be
with someday id had you far away from me
as i reach out my hand
i know this feeling will never end

What must I do to make you understand?
You mean everything to me
Don't have the strength to say
Give this heart of mine a chance
And maybe then you will see

And I'll do anything, do anything that you tell me
And I'll be there, I'll be there if you need me

Reachin' out to you
Do you feel it too?
Loving you is all I wanna do
I'm completely sure
I've never felt this way before
When I smile you know that there is something more
When I smile you know that there is something more

i had my share of disappointing moment
but shes always there, she'll always understands
i know at times i've hurt her feelings
but she puts away her pride
and says the words that moved me deep inside

puso ko'y narito
maghihintay sa pag-ibig mo
ikaw lamang ang ina-asam
tanggapin mo ang puso ko narito
hanggang matapus ang kailan man

kahit di malaman
o ma intindihan kahit na masugatan ang puso
naghihintay sayo, maghihintay ako

if i had just one chance to live my life
all over again
even through all those hard times
it still dont make me change anyting
cause i have you hear around me
boundles of joy and her, taking care of me
now i know i gotta keep moving on
but i always look back at all the times weve have

Sana'y maulit muli
Ang mga oras nating nakaraan
Bakit nagkaganito
Naglaho na ba ang pag-ibig mo
Sana maulit muli
Sana bigyan ng pansin ang himig ko
Kahapon, bukas, ngayon
Tanging wala nang ibang mahal

Kung kaya kong iwanan ka
Di na sana aasa pa
Kung kaya kong umiwas na
Di na sana lalapit pa
Kung kaya ko sana

ito ang tanging nais ko
ang ating kahapon..
kung kaya kung iwanan ka
di na sana aasa pa
kung kaya kung umiwas na
di na sana lalapit pa
kung kayakung iwanan ka
di na sana aasa pa
kung kaya kung umiwas na
di na sana lalapit pa
mahal pa rin kita
o giliw, o giliw..

sana maulit
sana maulit
sana maulit
sana maulit.. muli..

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