Samantha Fox What You See is What You Get Lyrics

C'mon i'm in the mood!

Not stoppin', body rockin'
Whatever takes you thru' the night
A good heart is the place to start
And i'm giving that away
Make a deal, make it straight
When love makes a sound it better not wait
I'm here for you and you know what to do
So slide up close to me

What you see (what you see)
Is baby what you get
And if you save it up for me
Baby i will show you
What this girl can do

Pick it up and throw it down
Move in close and turn around
I'm in the mood and you're feeling it too
There's no more left to say

What you see (what you see)
Is baby what you get
Girl next door is what you got honey
I'm a clean cut girl and i'm not being funny
I love to love and i love to give
To the one i'm with

Hold me close, don't be scared
It's alright i won't hurt you
Never let me go until it's over

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