Downset Dying Of Thirst Lyrics

Don't even try to front, fool,
like you ain't on check under layers of vanity, uncertainties
got your soul wrecked style? Veil chained mask strapped tight
hide cries from inside; behind, vain lies chew the shattered
glass s__, Hate, envy, greed living in suffocation misery-
bleeds so-called alternative imagery defenition of false me.
There's more to identify than bodily misery.
They got you dying of thirst, living in suffocation.
They got you dying of thirst. Illusion is all up in you.
Alternative must be more than this. Biological? Chemical?
Science says I'm pure physical. Lower me to equality of dust
with no destiny, molecular structure. If this is all that I
be, then humans weren't killed in the holocaust, they were
just machines. Reject void supplement, man=rag equivalence.
Humanity is more than a complex form of existence. Human
capacity a third of its brain. No reliance on science - I cry
soul defiance! Dying of thirst, I'm more than a mathematical
equation. I am more than a chemical combination. My existence
cannot be reduced to scientific theory!

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