Tyketto Strength in Numbers Lyrics


School boy barely seventeen
He's got to play it tough
He's got to play it mean
Locked and loaded on the street
He's got a trigger finger
For anyone that he meets

He's seen it on the T.V.
The hero stands alone
He can't turn to anyone
And it cuts him to the bone

There is strength in numbers
There is strength in love
Strength in numbers
There is strength in love
Strength in numbers
You can hide but you can't run
Hand to hand we stand together
Strength enough for everyone

Powder money makes the law
And no one wants to break the spell at all
Not at all
It seems that push has come to shove
And dirty romance takes the place of love
Where is love?

Grid lock doing ninety
Trying to get ahead
Got to fight my way through
All this traffic in my head


We've been told to walk away
From anyone that doesn't look the same
Not the same
What's the reason? Who's to blame?
Who's the first to finally break the chain?
C'mon we're breaking the chains

Some will call for justice
Some will scream for blood
Some will run for cover
But it won't do you no good


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