50 Cent Biggie Eminem Realess Ft Lyrics

[Intro] (50 Cent)
I love n____s! I love n____s!
Cause n____s are me!
And I should only love that which is me
I love to see n____s go through changes (Whoooo!!)
I love to see n____s shoot through s___ (Did it again)
And to all n____s that do it I love

To all my Brooklyn (n____s!)
To all my Uptown (You n____s understand?!)
To all my Bronx (It's war n____)
To all my Queensbridge (I'll blow you away)

[Verse: B.I.G.]
Back up chump, you know Biggie Smalls grips it quick
And kicks it quick, you know how black n____s get
With the hoods fatigues with the boots with trees
Smokin weed, flippin ki's, makin crazy G's
Hittin' buckshots at n____s that open spots
On the avenue, take my loot, and I'm baggin you
Pimpin hoes that drive Volvo's and Rodeos
Flash the Roll, make her wet, in her pantyhose
d___, a n____ style is unorthodox
Grip the glock, when I walk down the crowded blocks
Just in case a n____ wanna act out
I just black out, and blow they m_________in back out
That's a real n____ for ya

[Chorus: 50 Cent] (2x)
We the realest n____
50 Cent and B.I.G. my n____
Don't try to act like you don't feel a n____
Biggie yo n____, 50 yo n____
Squeeze the trigga' leave a n____ fa' sho!

[Verse: B.I.G.]
When we smoke spliffs, we pack four-fifths
Just in case dread wanna riff
He get a free lift to the cemetary, rough very
Not your ordinary, we watch you get buried
That's a real n____ for ya
Get mad do a quarter flip the script, and rip your lawyer
Spit at the D.A. cause f___ what she say
She don't give a f___ about your a__ anyway
Up North *bound first stop for the town
of fist-skill, where the hand skills are real ill
You'll be a super Hoover doo-doo stain remover
Ha hahhh, yo G, pass the ruler


[Verse: 50 Cent]
When I was young my M.O. was to go hand in hand
And even my P.O. she called me the Ginger Bread Man
I cut ya new case, and tell her a__ "catch me if you can"
Don't let your people feel your awkward
I tame I'm not lame
Get gassed up to get blast up
Real B.I.G. style watch the kid break it down
Check it, thou shalt not f___ wit North Seed Papa
50 Cent, I'll break yo punk a__ off propa'
Theres no place like home, New York, New York
I run this city, and now I dance around like Diddy
n____s is giddy, till they act smack silly
Or spray wit the Mack Milly, they don't want drama really
Even the hood they feel me {*gun c___ed*} hah! I'm on fire!
n____s out in Philly they feel me, they b__p my s___
Even bootlegged you know, b__p my s___, b____!


I got 50 Cent
I got G-Unit
D-Twizzy's in this b____
With Obie Triiiiice
So watch what you say
Before you call our name
If you say one more thing
It won't be nice

[Verse: Eminem]
Here we go
I shoulda known
I was bound to get pulled into some bullshit sooner or later
You little haters are too jealous of us to love us
You ain't it
G-Unit made it
And Obie's comin
D-Twizzy's comin
You sick to your stomach
50% is 50-Cent
The other 50% is who's color skin it is
Well if you're even considering takin our label down
You better find our building and fly a f___ing plane into it
But I ain't tryin to get too intriqette into it
I'm just tryin to give you a little hint for your own benefit
Cuz then it's gunna get to the point where it escalates into some other s___
Then Im a flip
Then Im a get to stompin in my Air Force One's
Won't be able to tell if it's two pairs or it's one
It's gunna feel like there's so many feet kickin you
You think that Nike just made these into cleat tennis shoes
I don't know what it is or what it could be
But I get a woody when these p____'s try to push me
Thinkin they gon' put me in the position to pickle me
Ya'll tickle me pink
I think I'd just rather have pink tiggle me
Hickory d___ory dock tickoty tock tickety a little bit of the diggity dock diggity
Mixed with a little bit of the jiga jig jiga
With a small pinch of Biggie
Look at me, I'm just the bomb diggity

We the realest label
Don't try to act like you don't feel our label
Cuz we gon' f___ around and kill your label
Obie, D-Twizzy, G-Unit, 50, Shady Records, we the label fa sho
We the realest label
Don't try to act like you don't feel our label
Cuz we gon' f___ around and steal your people
Obie, D-Twizzy, G-Unit, 50, we gon' kill yo f___in' label fa sho

Shady in the place to be seen
And I got what it takes to rock the mic RIGHT!
Still watch what you say to me punk cuz I'm off probation in less then 6 MONTHS

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