Tim Magraw Where the Green Grass Grows Lyrics

Six lanes, tail lights
Red ants marchin into the night
They disappear to the left and right again
Another supper
From a sack
A 99 cent heart attak
I got a poundin head and an achin back
And the camels standin in a big straw stack


Im gonna live where the green grass grows
Watch my corn pop up in rows
Every night be tucked in close to you
Raise our kids where the good lords blessed
Point our rockin chairs towards the west
And plant our dreams where the peaceful river cools
Where the green grass grows

Well Im from
A map dot
A stop sign on a blacktop
I caught the first bus that I could hop from there
But all o this glitter is gettin dark
Theres concreate glowin in the city park
I dont know who my neighbors are
And theres bars on the corner and bars on my heart

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