Torgny Melins Hey Boy Lyrics

Hey boy

who´s the b__ cuzzin´ along in your hifi
stackin´ do hittin´ the bong, it´s the swing fly
teddybear sound is the bomb and you know why
none of this ill can be wrong, and the beats tight

hey boy, get your rocks off, move boy, we put the clock on you boy
you can´t miss my friend, you get knocked down, get up again

you can smell some of the funk when we breeze by
we got nuff s___ to go round, hit the peace pipe
we can do the dunkedy-dunk, and it´s allright
yeah baby, do the dunkety-dunk......

Hey boy.....

All we came to do is raise hell and just have fun
you can take the skinny girl cos i want the fat one
you better raise the base, leave the treble on plus one
can you put me on the guest list - 20 girls plus one

hey boy.....

I have a lot of problem´s, but i´m here to discuss one
well pass another bottle cos i won´t settle for just one
get ready for the chorus, cos i´m just about done
get ready for the du, the du, come on

hey boy...

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