Reborn Walking in the sun Lyrics

Left, right, on every side
Seduction's creeping up and that can't be denied
I've gotta taste it
Or I feel like I'm missing out

Hot Dogs, beer and a wet T-shirt
2 long legs under a miniskirt
that make me go "oooh"
And ain't that what life's about?

I'm looking for the passion on my way
Enjoying my life on this sunny summer's day

Ooh I'm walking in the sun
Getting some while I'm still young
Ooh I'm walking in the sun
Taking life just as it comes
I won't have anyone stop me from having fun

Last night, I heard it said
You know these days you're better of dead
When you're not living
Now that's some good advice

Stuck in the same routine,
Gettin' through the day on caffeine
It makes you wonder
Now is this paradise?

As far as I'm concerned I'm not concerned
I might be broke but I know I won't get burned

Repeat Chorus


I got my funky shoes on and I feel
Desire's burning underneath my heels
Won't get to the shady part of town
I want the sun around

Repeat Chorus:
2nd ending:
And I'm cool while I'm soaking up the sun
Here goes nothing life's begun
I won't have anyone stop me from having fun

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