Johan December Lyrics

The promise you made me, was nothing but another lie
The flowers you gave me, as artificial as your smile
I thought the world of you and more, without you I would fall apart
And I would give it all to you, I lost it from the very start

You came in December, in the winter cold you brought me spring
I'll always remember how you changed my life and everything would never be the same again

The letter you sent me, I never read a single word
The answers you wrote me, could never take away the hurt
The world collapsed and you'd survived, I was the last thing on your mind
You kept me dangling like a fool, you had your fun and I was blind

You left in December, you were just another passerby
The dream has been shattered
You were gone and I still wonder why, I never call your name again

You would see me, no more
You won't need me, no more
No more

I always thought that people like us, we could spend our lives together
I always thought that we were special, this affair could last forever
But it's alright and it's ok, you only took my pride away
I'm sure I'm fine, I never mind, I only wanted you to stay

Whenever December comes, she's in my heart and in my soul
I'll never forget her, I can't shake it off, I lost control
And I'm lost in December, she is there but I get no reply
The answers, the cancer, you left behind inside my head
I can't shake it off, I lost control
December's there

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