Prestorika Sycophant Lyrics

once in u goes deep inside,spreads like poison gets u high .
u think its ur friend in need n pal in oe, take a trip n yie shall know.

i've been crawling for that toxic tide, a rush of blood in me rise.
i lied to mom, i lied to friends, i want it more, i want it more.

Chorus :- before u walk into the trap, u'd better know whats in store for u.
remember what seems so nice, sycophant it'll make u.

so r u ready for this insane ride, whre time is less n stakes r high,
in ur breath i shall confide, throughout this all i was the one who died

( chorus ).

remember what ur father said its a well with no exit,
that ur comany's wrong, flavour's strong.
moments of extacy r not for long.

i'm not satisfied..can v make it stop

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