My Enchantment Long Arm Of Death Lyrics

Heavenly bodies embellish the sky
The poisonous raw wind was rising
Under the spell of her gloomy cry
A slave he is till his blood starts drying
Kneeled by his countess grave stone
Were the red spineless roses grown?
He let it fall two shiny tears
One for her and the other for his fears

While he was praying for her soul
He heard a scary burst of laughter
So he saw his mighty shadow
That spoke to him in a despondence way

Dressed with a nostalgic garment the shadow disappeared
Between the aged trees that completes the forest of darkness
So he saw a glitter a shining thing near her grave
It was the uncolored booth of despair discovered by the moonlight!!!

"Never have I laid down on this grave,
afraid to be lifeless for one day
for I shall exist till the end of time
Feeding my hungry with the flesh of crime...
...for you my darling shall have me by your side
Together, forever... "

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