Dr Dre & King T Monay Lyrics

[ King T ]
I never wanted to work for m____fuckas
That told me what to do, so I did my own thing
Sometimes s___ got thick, but I made it through
Now I'm stackin chips everytime the phone ring
I'm in a world of liars and carnivores
Caught between fires, dope dealin suppliers
But I must maintain, think on a level much higher
This s___ ain't worth a 25 to lifer
People always askin me how I made it in this trade
Papparazzi got my biz front page
Well, all I gotta say is it's a good livin'
Beside cars and women this s___ gets the bills paid

(People of the world, what we're livin for?)
That money (money) fast money (money) yeah
(People of the world, what we're dyin for?)
That money (money) fast money (money) yeah
(Everybody's goin crazy for)
That money (money) fast money (money) yeah
(f___in with your head, I can get some of yo)
Money (money) cash money (money) yeah

[ Dr. Dre ]
How many n____s can say they got they own
Got they s___ together, got a a nice stash to do whatever
Ah, you're sittin at home, hatin on the next man
That's makin cheddar, tryin to get his s___ together
I dreamed of hittin licks when I first got in the mix
Way back when DJ's was heavy in the crates for breaks
And ain't a d___ thing changed
But me movin out the firin range to a plushed out estate
Small technicalities y'all heard for years
n____s with the problems always out to battle me
But I gets my swerve on, don't give a f___
It's just a n____ talkin s___ about his bullshit salary


[ King T ]
Since talk is extra it's cut short like Webster's
Show me the money or invest this
I'm street smart, f___ a lecture
Messin with mine'll get you put on a stretcher
Lock your jaw like a pitbull apply the pressure
Straight bout it, buildin ideas with self-made millionaires
To get the dancefloors crowded
Hah, how's that black, limousine pull up on the scene
Ladies clean, deja-vu's of a wet dream
I got enough cream to cater women
For any chick that can fade me more than Henny
Plus the remedy to make that hard s___
At the end of each quarter I'm reapin the largeset harvest
If I ain't in L.A. sippin Alizé
Plottin how to make a meal ticket in a day
All I gotta say it's a good livin
Besides cars and women this s___ gets the bills paid


The root of all evil
And I got a gang of that s___

(Money makes the world go round
Money makes the world go round)

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