weird al yankovick nine coronas Lyrics

The girl looked good to me, good to me
She looked like Pamala Lee after nine Coronas
I began to kiss her, undid her zipper
She looked like Claudia Schiffer after nine Coronas

When I met her at the bar she said she was on Baywatch
When she got into my car she looked alot like a Sasquatch
Nine Coronas

She kinda looked like Mr. Spock (live long and prosper)
But she was Courtney c__ after nine Coronas
We were hot with passion, we were mashin'
She looked like Jennifer Anniston after nine Coronas

Late into the night I rode her like a Harley
In the soft candle light she looked like Grant Farley
Nine Coronas

She was fat and stinky and kinda sticky
But she looked like Christie Brinkley after nine Coronas
She looked like Pee Wee Herman (that's my name, don't wear it out)
But she was Uma Thurman after nine Coronas

In our 23rd position I think I got whiplash
She was really b____in' except for her moustache
Nine Coronas

She was bigger than a winnebago, a way to go
She looked like Lisa Kudrow after nine Coronas
She was no Cindy Crawford, Cindy Crawford
Nothing rhymes with Cindy Crawford after nine Coronas

Opened up another vial, started drinking more beer
So I could wake up next to Heather Locklear
Nine Coronas
Nine Coronas
Nine Coronas

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