The Game The Game ft. Mya - Feels Good Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Straight outta the m_________in p___y hallways in the projects
To park in a four door Bentley on my set.
Same hood, same m_________in steps
I sat on and took the plastic off of "Life After Death"
Bangin, boning Biggie Biggie i did a 360
The Aftermath for that is the n____ 50 aint wit me.
No hard feelings, we both made millions
You can hate me or love me but n____ I spit real s___,
like I'm comatose, tell the Doc I'm sick
Before "Detox", let me take my last chronic hit.
Now I am gangsta rap inhale the weed smoke
And coughed up five platinum plaques
So Ima let the n____ Dr. Dre hit
Next time I have dreams of f___in an R&B b____ (dreams of f___in an R&B b____)
I don't make love, I make hits.
I put a condom on and stuff my d___ in this Hip Hop s___.

[Chorus: x2]
Feels Good

[Verse 2:]
Im that six figure n____
Who got the word from KRS-ONE
and stole the Blueprint from Jigga
n____s yellin Game did this, Game did that
Game aint do s___ but bring the m_________in West Coast back
I hear the whisperin goin on in the hood.
I sent a m_________in Hallmark card to Suge
That n____ know that we all good
So you can catch a cab to Hell wit them death threats
I'm already dead
I put the .38 revolver to my own f___in head
before I let the s___ eat my conscience.
Aint a n____ in the world could tell me I can't come thru Compton.
Before I retire my Converse, I'll ride the train thru NYC with the terrorist bombers.
Somebody tell my mama I'm crazy.
Pop was a Rolling Stone so that makes me a crack baby.
I'm in rehab three times a week
because I'm a m_________in feen for a Dr. Dre beat.

[Chorus x2]

[Chorus x2]

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