Another Breath Passing The Torch Lyrics

You're design was flawed from the f___ing start.
And this whole time spent convincing.
You said you believed in me.
Your only son so hurt to realize your true motives.
Cheated out of my own triumphs.
Never again.
This is my own path.
Now I'm moving faster forward making up for all the time spent bowing down to you.
I could never have my happiness with your approval.
So I'm giving up on you. And I'm taking back what's mine.
That sense of pride lost knowing that the only thing
You have ever seen in my eyes was your own reflection.
My life will never be a bandage for your broken dreams.
I'm not the lifeboat to your sinking ship.
Live my life for me. I'm moving forward and never looking back.
As you watch my back leave you can save your apologies.
They mean nothing to me.
And as for you - you've never been wrong?
Well you're f___ing wrong.

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