Jason Boland & The Stragglers The Bourbon Legend Lyrics

They say Im a bourbon Legend
If you didnt know
I haunt the honky tonks
Like a worn out ghost
A friend of a friend
Said right or wrong
Ill be a bourbon lengend long after im gone

Some say that im part devil
With a long red pointed tail
Some say that im a preacher man
Warning about the fires of hell
The folklore keeps on spreading these days
That im another shooting star
There have been several sightings of me
By the folks down at the bar


Some believe the rumors
Others need stronger proof
Give it time and you will find
A lie is another wasted truth
Theres ninety ways to judgment day
And Ive tasted everyone
When youre down to your last shot
Thats the best time to load your gun

Those stories run together like drunks in a bar
They all start to sound the same
Every little town when the sun goes down
Im known by a different name

Repeat Chorus

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