Bride Adorned Blessed Stillness? Lyrics

Music: Panu Kiskola & Mikko Mustonen

Compulsory epilogue
complicity forbidden
sore transgression

I'm impaled by riots of laughter
All deranged
I am scoured after

In gloomy thoughts
Yielded to temptation
Despite the battles fought for consolation

As I fall deeper to my dreams
Until deathlike stillness
Demands its sacrifice on the darkest of night

Water and fire will unite when bells toll
Ashes will fill the morning sky so calm

Circled by fire
Obey your desire
Chanting glance
Join the reapers round dance

Take me in to the dark temptations
Break me make me survive
Drench me in tears when tender valediction
Confides in me

Water and fire will unite when bells toll
I shall live on in the minstrels' songs

Tyrant unveiled
Joy -pernicious
Mirth -portentous
Menace greet me
Disciple of malady

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