Steeleye Span Barnet Fair Lyrics

Once a year when the winter's calling
Birds fly south and the leaves are falling down
Just beyond the town, the meadow where a campfire's burning,
wakes in the morning to the music of the big fairground

Coming from the East, coming from the West,
All the gypsies are gathering
Just another town on the road for the travelling man

Follow me, boys, won't you follow me to Barnet Fair?
Follow on, children, won't you follow me to Barnet Fair?
If I show you the way, will you come along today?
Everyone you know will be there
Follow me, boys, won't you follow me to Barnet Fair?

Leave the factory, leave the field
Word is abroad that the fair arrives today
Come on from the dusty loom and the rusty plough
Join the procession, I can hear it come this way
Come and see the juggler, come and see the fiddler,
See the horses and the dancing bear
Come and see the pretty lasses with the coloured ribbons in their hair


See the magic lanterns and the bat and hoop-la
Prizes for the twopenny shy
"All the fun on the fair" you can hear the showmen cry


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