Lil Jon & Ice Cube Role Call Lyrics

[Lil' Jon talking:]
Right about now (whats up)
It's time for the real n____ roll call
Now when you hear your city or state being called
You put your m_________in' middle finger up in this b____
ATL, St. Louis, Alabahma, Chicago, The Carolina's, Naptown,
DC, The Bay Area, VA, Miami, New York n____s( U AIN'T KNOW?), texas

[Lil' Jon & Ice Cube:]
Ya'll n____s (p____ n____) can't f___ wit my n____s ho!(p____ n____) [x4]
m________ that n____! [x4]
m________ that b____! [x4]

[Lil' Jon:]
Ya'll n____s!
Come on flexin' a__ flauntin' a__ n____s!
My n____s!
Be some real a__ trill a__ n____s!
Ya'll n____s!
Be some ho a__ p____ a__ n____s!
My n____s!
Be some head-bustin' gangsta a__ n____s!
Ya'll n____s!
Be some runnin' and scary a__ n____s!
My n____s!
Be some Roy Jones beat yo a__ n____s!
Ya'll n____s!
Be some cake and handcuffin' a__ n____s!
My n____s!
Be some "Send dem hoes out!" a__ n____s!
Ya'll n____s!
Be some tricking "Don't pay them hoes!" a__ n____s!
My n____s!
Be some Don Juan pimpin' a__ n____s!
Ya'll n____s!
Be some 22 havin' a__ n____s!
My n____s!
Be some choppa street sweepin' a__ n____s!
Ya'll n____s!
Them ol' half ounce sellin' a__ n____s!
My n____s!
Be some dirty bird movin' a__ n____s!
Ya'll n____s!
Be some kissin' security a__ a__ n____s!
My n____s!
f___ them hoes and let 'em know a__ n____s!


[Ice Cube:]
See I'ma mean n____
Youse afraid n____
Ol' pretend n____
Smile and grin n____
I hate a false n____s
Diana Ross n____
So if ya lost n____
Meet tha boss n____
He's a super n____
Grin and groupa n____
Act stupid n____
I'll f___in' nuke a n____
Cuz youse a happy n____
And ima nappy n____
f___in' scrappy n____
Meet ya pappy n____
Its ice cube n____
And lil jon n____
So if ya drunk n____
Keep it crunk n____
To you punk n____
Feel tha b__p n____
Get yo testifying a__ in tha trunk n____
You wanna tell n____
I'll dump a shell n____
Send a frail n____
Str8 ta hell n____
Thats ya shelter n____
Helter Skelta n____
And when I belt a n____
Ya'll Help a n____


[Lil Jon Talking:]
I see you and your lil click up in tha club n____
I see ya'll n____s over there talkin' that s___
But you know what n____
b____ n____s get dealt wit m_________in' real quick! (Get 'em Cube!)

[Ice Cube:]
Here we come boy
Real n____s shoot ta kill betta run boy
Or you can tell me how I feel as a
Real n____
Which n____
Go get a b____ n____
No better
Hoes better do what I say
Cuz I'm insane in tha brain
b____ I got rick james in my veins
Real n____s never change
We just let it bang
Roll thru tha gutter lane
Daddy said let 'em hang
And cut 'em like its b___er mayne
Skeet skeet skeet
Naw thats tha other mayne
Cuz my skeet never leak out that rubba mayne
T 'n A ain't worth a n____s DNA
That crazy b____'ll have ya a__ off E&J
Fake n____s got these real b____es bein' gay
Til my peoples come around its like night and day
Now she wanna change her god and the way she pray
Authentic n____s all know thats tha playa way


[Lil Jon:]
We runnin this b____ Ya'll n____s ain't s___ [2x]
We in tha club gettin' crunk You in tha club gettin' stomped [2x]
We in tha hood on tha block You in tha hood gettin' shot [2x]
We quick ta show you what we bout You quick to run ya f___in' mouth [2x]
Wit Real n____s from tha east And we act a f___in' beats [2x]
We gangsta n____s form the west Puttin' holes in ya vest [2x]
My midwest n____s hard Quick ta pull ya f___in' card [2x]
And down south we set if off Blow ya f___in' face off [2x]
(Real n____ Roll Call!)

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