Blacklisted I Refuse Lyrics

My mask is slowly fading, I'm quietly coming into my own. Time can be, can be so draining, like a cut that won't heal and goes straight to the bone. I refuse, To stand by, I refuse to close my eyes. Just because we're breathing doesn't mean we're alive, the beat goes on long after we're gone, what will they say after you die, moving along slowly moving along I'm moving towards, Nothing, Screaming out screaming so loud I'm screaming for, Nothing. Everything I want to say, buried deep inside of me, Everything that I say came back to me the wrong way, it's hard but I still have to try, to leave something behind, I refuse to stand by, I refuse to close my eeys. I refuse. I need to be moving towards, something, I need to be screaming for, Something, I need to be more understanding, I need to do more than standing, I can't, I can't let life pass me by.

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