Tony Joe White Selena Lyrics

The evening falls on Padre Island
Something is wrong, the birds don't fly
They sit quietly in the sand dunes
And watch the sky

2 Type: VERSE

They seem to know someone is missing
Even the ocean settles down
They've wait patiently since sunrise
But she don't come around

3 Type: CHORUS

Selena, they cry
Without your smile, none of us can fly
Selena, this can't be true
It's gonna be a lonely world without you

4 Type: VERSE

There is no one here on this good earth
Who cannot hear the laughter in your song
You made us dance when hearts were heavy
And our feet were made of stone

5 Type: VERSE

Time goes by, there is no answer
It's hard to think this moment ever came
So many bow their heads in silence
It don't stop the pain, no

6 Type: CHORUS

Selena, they pray
How could something such as this take you away ?
Selena, you were the one
Just when we think it's all over
Maybe it's just begun

7 Type: VERSE

Selena, so full of life
You never had a chance to say goodbye
But it will be whispered now and then
And your name will last forever
Riding on the Corpus Christi wind

8 Type: CHORUS

Selena, they pray
Selena, they cry

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