Dead Fish Damn' Lie Lyrics

Thinking' and talking' asking a question why people
Nobody tell me and omissions says what can I do?
Because of this s___ this world is sinking and sinking
on gray mire
and the money support ignorance, alienation while
d___' lie.
d___' lie is a knife fixed in your back.
d___' lie stupid what can you do?
d___' lie less conscience more money.
d___' lie a race got f___ed!
The stronger get money while destroying your people
everybody like soap operas on TV.
Your son is getting high
with drugs and this people
support disease
and d___' lie.
d___' lie your mind is deep in the dark
and your people now are f___ing getting poor.
d___' lie the stupid of this guys don't see any limit

I think they are blind destroying themselves!
Give me a reason
why this global situation
the money is eating all until your brain.
Why people
don't open their eyes
to see this m____fucka
d___' lie.

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