Lifter Puller 11Th Ave Freezeout Lyrics

Juanita thinks she's a roller rink
We're on the brink of financial disaster
Wants to feel just a little faster
Smashed her hand on the mirror in the bathroom
I get high watching Rockford Files
Juanita lives just like Jimmy drives
Screech those tires, yeah and scrape the sides
Find that little bit left inside
What am I supposed to tell our friends?
That you walked into a bender
I haven't seen you since
But I know that you've been
Getting loose with the gin and juice
The proof is in the photo shoot
I'm sure
You pulled this s___ before
Played the prodigal w____
You said you're just exploring

Virginia slept with the sketchy chick
She was sick, they still clicked
Rhode Island slide with the skinny guy
Pawtucket p___shops and Newport Lights
Made amends with your dealer friends
The truth is in the camera lens
So don't come home
With a stick in your nose
I hired a detective
He's got a tiny camera

Juanita thinks she can skip the sleep
The sun sneaks up on the Born Rock freaks
Maybe next time we get together
The deviated septum
Will feel a little better

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