Trooper Tru The Champ Is Here! Lyrics

Tru: Chain-Gang, represent!
Chorus: Word Life!

Chorus (x2):
Chain-Gang Soldiers, throw away your fear!
Let all opposition know that the Champ is here!

His rise to the top began at WrestleMania 20...
When he defeated Big Show for the U.S. t__le in the heart of New York City.
Every match he was in - everybody stayed put because of the intensity he would bring.
And just when you thought our boy couldn't get any better, he makes the t__le belt spin!
And just when we thought his t__le hunt was over, we were all mistaken...
For when that 8-man tournament was brought to his attention, we all knew what move he was making!
He went through them all - up to that punk Kurt Angle; it gets better from there, friends.
Next thing you know, he's got a t__le shot at WrestleMania again!

Repeat Chorus

Now, John Felix Anthony Cena is the new #1 contender...
Living by 3 rules: Never back down; never quit; never surrender!
He lived up to it for sure when Orlando Jordan took the U.S. t__le belt,
Then J.B.L. threw it in the trash and burned it straight down to hell!
All that did was burn him up even more, but he had to wait until WrestleMania...
Until at last... it's Cena vs. J.B.L. for the t__le at Staples Center Stadium.
He dodged the Clothesline From Hell, then laid him on his back with the F-U...
Then he pinned him for the 1-2-3, thus making it Championship reign #2!

Repeat Chorus

Then on "SmackDown" just days after WrestleMania... who's that coming down the ramp?
Oh... [Scoff] it's John Bradshaw Layfield - the former WWE Champ!
He's p___ing and moaning; talking about "I should still be the Champ; I'm a Wrestling God!"
But in all honesty (and Batista said it best), J.B.L., YOU'RE A WRESTLING FRAUD!
Then just weeks later at "Judgment Day" comes a heavy re-match, no doubt.
The stipulation: you cannot lose by pin fall, submission, DQ, or count out!
Their battle was no-holds-barred - where anything can and will happen...
Including the possibility of defeating your opponent with a d___ weapon!
Our boy Cena grabbed an exhaust pipe; J.B.L. got scared and said "I Quit!"
And we're all glad he did because I've got no respect for that piece of... (chorus:) s___!
Our boy John Cena came out on top once again, crimson mask and all...
He never backed down, never quit, never surrendered; and he still stands tall!
Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect -- That's what John Cena is all about.
That's why he's our Undisputed World Champion without a shadow of a doubt.
So we say "Ruck Fules" to all people drinking Hater-Aid... and throw away all fears.
Now let me see your hands rise in respect to John Cena... because the Champ is here!

Repeat Chorus (x4) to end.

Tru: Word Life!

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