Trooper Tru Chain-Gang Anthem Lyrics

We Chain-Gang Soldiers fight with pride and never show our fear...
Defy adversity and earn respect from all our peers.
And when we see John Cena, we stand up and we cheer.
We raise our belts and yell with pride: "THE CHAMP IS HERE!"

Verse 1:
John Cena is the leader of the Chain-Gang - the inspiration for this song I'm doing.
We face our foes and battle it out until their spirit is ruined.
Adapt to any battle environment. Never lose your ambition.
Take the example of the T.L.C. t__le Match at WWE Unforgiven!
As soon as our boy pulled off a 2-table F-U, that sucker Edge was done!
Then he unhooked the t__le belt from the top - and just like that, Cena won
His very first T.L.C. match in a city of hostile hosts...
Yet he proved himself to them - and to us - by winning what he treasured most.

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2:
To be a true Champion, you must know this: it's not about the gold you carry;
It's about your ability to defy adversity by any means necessary.
Stay true to your friends and family; for they are your real fan base.
Keep them in your heart as you battle; you'll be respected all over the place.
And never forget where you came from: your heritage and where you grew.
Use it in your a___nal, and your foe will feel like he's fighting a whole d___ crew!
Remember these lessons well in your journey as you take on all contenders.
And above all, never back down... never quit... never surrender.

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3:
If by any chance you suffer a defeat, don't ever mope around in sorrow...
Get back on your feet, dust yourself off, and keep fighting like there's no tomorrow.
Not only do we fight to be champions; we strive to be the absolute best...
Because we live fast, fight hard, regret nothing, and fear even less.
Each time we go into battle, it's never with a sense of hate.
We just stare hard right into the enemy's eyes; only then will the battle be great.
By then the enemy will know that we battle with a sense of honor.
If by any chance the enemy slips up, we have a good chance to conquer.
At some point, the enemy will have a slight advantage - until he makes a mistake.
At that very moment when he does, we use this as our lucky break!
We capitalize - beat him down some more; by then we're back on track.
Now he's groggy; we hit him with the F-U to plant him right on his back!
It's pinfall time! Hook his leg! Referee counts 1-2-3!
It's over! The enemy is done! Chain-Gang claims another victory!
Another battle won; another enemy vanquished. It's time to celebrate with a beer
And throw up the double hands like John Felix Anthony Cena because THE CHAMP IS HERE!

Repeat Chorus

Tru: Word Life!

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