sean paul feat sasha i´m still in love with you Lyrics

(SA)I'm still in love with you boy,
well i'm a hustler and a player and you know i'm not a stayer
That's the way I give my love.
(SA)I'm still in love with you boy
Say girly try to understand That a man is just a man
That's the dutty dutty love
(SA)I'm still in love with you boy
Blessed loving from the start but you know we had to part
Thats the way i give my love.
(SA)I'm still in love yes I'm still in love with you

But a man gotta do what a man gotta do girl,
well a never had to promise you no bling bling fi hold you girl...
A just the loving weh me fling fling control you girl...
And make you head swirl... And make you body twirl..
And make you wanna be my one and only baby girl
Night after night me give you love fi keep you warm...
Gal you never get this kinda loving from you born...
And now you want draw card say me just can't perform.

(SA)I love you baby.
A true you get the little loving and me gone
(SA)You don't know how to love me
I and I nah no time fi no kiss up an charm
(SA)Not even how to kiss me
A true me take you little heart by storm
(SA)I don't know why i love you baby
A just the dutty dutty love.

A true me give her tug love and say bye bye bye...
Me turn around she ask the question why why why...
When me leaving me see the gal a cry cry cry...
And it hurts my heart to tell a lie lie lie...
So don't cry no more... Baby girl for sure...
Just remember the good times we had before.

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