Toy Dolls 08 - Poor Davey Lyrics

There Was Davey, There Was Davey
There Was Davey, Happy Davey
His Girlfriend's Gone, His Girlfriend's Gone Away, Ay Ay Ay Ay
All He Wants Is A Room With The Stars Looking Down Across Davey
The Sun And The Moon And The Sky High Are Just Fine For Poor Davey
There's Nothing Left, There's Nothing Left
There's Nothing Left To See For Davey
He Wants To Be, He Wants To Be
He Wants To Be Alone
Why Did She Love Him So? Why Did She Have To Go?
Poor Davey Doesn't Know, Now Davey's All Alone
She Did Upset, She Did Upset
She Did Upset Davey, Davey, Davey
He Won't Forget, He Won't Forget, Not Davey

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