Souljahz Souljahz Don't Stop Lyrics

Souljahz don't stop, bring the real hip hop
Souljahz don't quit bring the real live hits
Souljahz don't stop, bring the real hip hop
Souljahz don't quit bring the real live hits

I really hate when people front like they ain't feelin' it
Yo chef turn it up so they know just who they dealin' with, what
It's the s-o-u-l-j-a-h-z that's Souljahz stop sayin' it like y'all crazy
Not soultabs, souljabs, souljam, or soy sauce
Say it how ya like we're still representin' God
4 years straight 1st album out the gate
Downtown San Diego slangin' my own tape
Yo y'all better get up or at least y'll better nod ya head
This beat so bangin' if you ain't movin' you must be dead
'Cause i'm gon' keep it real the Souljahz ain't gon' never stop
I turn it up when I feel like preachin' to the cops
Ya heard me right, ain't afraid to say the Lord's name
I came with Him so I'm leavin' with him just the same
My name is Jek and it was nice meetin' all of y'all
And if ya lost hope I see ya at the altar call


I write what I like so give me the mic
It's like I'm going undercover trying to save a million brothers
From the devil that will beat you, meet you and greet you
½ way trying to hold you up because he needs you
If God be that stumblin' block i be the rock that
Hit you in the head before you trip off what
He said Oooo
It's like that and it'll never change
And as long as I'm gon' be a Souljah you gon' hear His name
Check it Souljahz don't stop we bring y'all hits
Check my high hat my snare and kick
Reverse that so its sounds like this
Now put all them sounds back up in the mix
We do what we want because we freedom slaves
Lord save us now while we still diggin' our graves
Or show us how to reach a real stage of repantance
Yes repentance it's much needed


Divine time to expose your mind to my rhyme while I communicate
Elevate the Holy word make a demon disintegrate
I generate and designate Holy rhymes that do penetrate
Your heart then start search every part and investigate
God incarnate, Jesus died so you could dominate
Death when it comes to your last breath meet you eternal fate
Heaven of hell where you dwell demons will accumulate
Like dust and turn to rust if you continue to debate
Movin' on from situations that irratificate
M-o-v-i-n-o-n check how i abbreviate
Let me demonstrate rhymes that penetrate this debate
Satan suffocates yo fate elevate than incriminate
Dare to agitate or fight your head he might

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