Human Fortress The Valiant Lyrics

[L: Parcharidis / M: Parcharidis, Marquardt]

Glorious King - True light and clarity - Almighty God of lord - If it pleases you
Faithful aid to my companion
For I have not seen him since the night came - And soon it will be dawn

Maid listen, his sweat, flesh and blood - Nourish the barren plan
His bones enrich the harvest - And his ashes the desired yield

Ohe... The legend spreads far across the land
For he's the valiant - With praise and fame - Shall men speak'about his name

He never spoke his final wish - No gave he clue his further plan
They buried him knights honours full - Earned by this valiant man
He never spoke his final wish
Nor gave he clue his further plan - Earned this valiant man

The peasant's life of work and toil - Spent in the workshops and on the soil
Bringing forth the baron's gain - While for themselves but aches and pain
He spent them strength and swore to fight
He gave his life for the poor men's right
When their hopes where high and the youthful dream
As warm as the sunlight on yonder stream

The minstrels will voice songs of him - Of chivalry and fame
And praise shall always follow him - When men speak about his name

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