Rolf Harris Fijian Girl Lyrics

Fijian Girl undulating by
How could you improve a suva mover
Fijian Girl sulu covered thigh
Moves against a velvet blue Fijian sky.
Fijian Girl show me what to do
Don't make this a trial and error island
Fijian Girl I could follow you
To the furthest atoll
If you tol' me to.
You see Fijian Girl frown,
You see the world all upside down,
The sky's grey,
miserable day
You see Fijian Girl smile,
You see the sun burst out
Kandavu birds fly
A million water falls high.

Fijian Girl how can this be real,
How can we be standin' hand in hand and
Fijian Girl tell me what you feel
Staring thru' the blossoms
Floating in the bay
The wilting frangi panni blossoms
drift away

You murmur Isalei, Isalei.

Fijian Girl,
Fijian Girl,
Fijian Girl

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