Ritual Carnage World Wide War Lyrics

The keepers of the free world forces, the orders we accept
Defenders of humanity, the weakened ones depend
A warlord has arisen, ruling with an iron fist
Slaughtering the non-believers, the terror must be met

World wide war, for combat we descend
World wide war, we fight until the end

Deadly havoc, genocidal, exterminating man
Massive graves and ethnic cleansing, apocalyptic land
Threatens to consume the masses, the boiling point is reached
The superpowers at alert, bloodshed shall never cease

World wide war, with violent force we strike
World wide war, our victory in sight

A call to arms, the time has come, the tyrants overthrow
Striking with the force of thousands, a violent dealy blow
Air superiority, the seas we dominate
Nothing shall deter our progress, for victory our fate

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