Cassidy AM to the PM Lyrics

I still move work, from the A.M. to the P.M.
n____z got beef, I'ma spray 'em when I see 'em [2X]

I punk on the street from the A.M. to the P.M.
n____ want beef, I'ma spray 'em when I see 'em
Lay 'em when I see 'em, AK 'em when I see 'em
Hop out the Bronco, I'll O.J. 'em when I see 'em
Cut a bone out his skin, fish fo-lay 'em when I see 'em
n' wire is real, Kanye 'em when I see 'em
On their job, so I'll pay 'em when I see 'em
Turn boys to men I'll wine Yayo when I see 'em
Cause I'll be on the grid from the pm to the am
Paint pictures with my rhymes, you can see 'em when I say 'em
My songs like movies you can see 'em when you play them
If a n____ want beef, when I see 'em I'ma spray 'em
For six g's I could get your wip swiss cheesed
I'm like a red nose pit, you a mixed bread
b____ please all 'em dudes in your crew a__
I'll get you strangled with the strings on your doo-rag

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
I still move work from the A.M. to the P.M.
n____z got beef, I'ma spray 'em when I see 'em
I still move work from the A.M. to the P.M.
n____z got beef, I'ma spray 'em when I see 'em

I'ma let you talk all stupid, till you get harked all stupid
Sparked out stupid, outlined in charcoal stupid
Dog I bite I don't bark all stupid, it is wat it is
I'm in the coupe room droped all stupid
Fitted hat c___ed all stupid, gettin' top off stupid
My clientele cop all stupid
We excels on the block all stupid, it is what it is
It's a fact that I rap all stupid
Get your wig pushed back all stupid
We strapped all stupid, I'll get you clapped all stupid
Don't let the pills and the yack make you act all stupid
Yeah I do my thinh all stupid, let my chain bling all stupid
Ny ring all stupid and my earring all stupid
I got them things and I swing all stupid


Yo, with my flow you all amazed and astonished
I've been hot since I got my first Sega with Sonic
Back in the days when Shawn Kemp played for the sonics
I rocked the huge jeans and I played the atonics
You know I blow A'z, I'll be blazing the chronic
It got my mind scrambled the and egg and an omelette
I talk to God every day, and he made me a promise
Me and T like, Malcolm and Alasia mahomie
Me and Swizz like Martin and Jessy
But the fact that I can get a__assinated, is startin to stress me
I ain't tryna let the police department arrest me
But I still keep the steel tucked under the fresh tee
And I ain't just rapin for my health
So before you diss me, you be betta off laughin at yourself
Cause I ain't tryna battle on the mic
I have them goons hop out on you like they did Harrell at the light


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