RATATAT Glock Nines (Beanie Sigel & Jay-Z) Lyrics

Yo ay yo you sure about that
You wanna know about the MAC
To I show at ya front make you go outcha back
Blow through your front make it go outcha back
Ay yo I let fifty shots blow out the MAC
Dogg ain't nutin' slow about the MAC
And dogg ain't nutin' ho about the MAC
Man I come through with them heats
Come in a few jeeps
Like Phez come through in they suite
And you know how we play
When we poppin' them Glocks
Take it to the AK
Chopper the block
And to the S.W.A.T.'s
Helicopter the block
And them put you on the news
Wasn't proper to watch
You know I act like my cliques I'm bananas
Catch me in your strip all black in bandanas
I dare a n____ act retarted
So I can let this tar lift you off your feet like Vince Carter

Two Glock nines
Any m_________er whisperin about mine [x4]

Oh I'm a m_________in' G n____
f___in' with me
I'm a make it so tomorrow you'll be lucky to see
Have a n____ clutchin' his knee
Strugglin' to breathe
Make the gat splatter your blatter
Like a kidney disease
Yeah I know you're holdin' weight
So just gimme the keys
Or these m_________ers with you are fin to whitness ya bleed
Paramedics cuttin' ya jeans
Rippin' ya sleeves
Put your a__ in a body bag, zip it and leave
Ain't no m_________er do it like I do
You and your n____ runnin' up
Put two in him and two in you
I put a n____ at the bed like a child with the flu
Put hit out on that bucket and runnin' wild with your crew
Put this thang to your head
Put your brains on the roof
Here now we ain't the same
Y'alls is liars and we the truth
Now that you know the scoop
What you wanna do n____
He ain't makin' money on this corner too n____
Why not 'cause I got

Two Glock nines
Any m_________er whisperin about mine [x4]

Ay n____ ya act bad
Me and MAC comin' in two Jags
Put another two in your new blue dew rag
n____ brag if you wanna
We'll blast on ya corner
The n____ ain't fast well his a__ is a goner

[Beanie Sigel]
Ay yo I keep two Glock nines
n____s tryin' to watch mine
Tryin' to stop mine
See where I stock mine
But I pop mine
And I pop moms
And I don't pop
Throwin' cops where your block rhyme

Say, a n____ tryin' me
He'll find me
Bustin' away a blind bee
With thirty n____s
And sixty triggas standin' behind me
The nine be c___ed
And we are riding
Bustin' in them bushes where you are hiding

[Beanie Sigel]
Ay yo I got a hundred n____s
With a f___in' hundred gats
Who want the s___
Where their m_________in' stomach at
Don't b____ when that eye be in you
And I'll take somethin' from you only god can give you

Two Glock nines
Any m_________er whisperin about mine [x4]

[Beanie Sigel]
We ain't playin' with y'all partner
This dead serious so please believe it
T.I.P., Beanie Sigel, P.A.
Ghetto Vision, Roc-A-Fella
Man it's outrageous
And we out

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