John Cale Helen Of Troy Lyrics

Helen Of Troy
Oh just see them standing in the street
You look so big, you're so big
But I've seen it before
Just hanging round with older boys
Oh big thighs
Creepy, creepy in the dark
Shiny, shiny Joan of Arc
When the moonlight starts its glow
Cold hard Helen, Queen of Troy
She's got Christmas, got thunderstorms
Like a baby, never, never been balled
She's got fat men, vermin in disguise
In the cold rooms of her eyes
Oh, Helen Of Troy
Look at them three dolces
Big thighs of oiled men
Listen, it's got to go
Right into my arms and stay
Big fat mama done me wrong
Let me hanging all alone
But that b____ is as old, is as old, is as old, as old
As that dirty crone right out there
Oh, Helen Of Troy
Mercy, mercy, mercy me
I'm so scared, please comfort me
I don't wanna be, don't wanna be your banshee boy
Paying like the House of Troy
Oh, Helen Of Troy
Standing there among the lights
Your eyes shining bright
I want you all of the time
You can hate me, you don't hate me
But you are swimming

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