Wolfgang Watermarks Lyrics

At the river i saw her once couldn't believe it
Her beauty at the water her white skin flushed of waterby the water the waves stroked her hair
I couldn't believe it
from under water she gave me her stare and I ran away
seven days it took to find that woman I had left behind
and all the people who approached were shocked with what they saw
cause this stranger they found
had been gagged in mouth tied and bound
and all that she left for some old fool was memories
and that life from that face shall never be replaced
in the hole by the dell
was something to be seen and smelled
all that's left are memories of someone forgotten and released
and one by one they touched the thing at the cold water below
after awhile most forgot the drenched angel in the mud
but even time could not erase tha look upon her face
now every time I close my eyesI see the hands the strangling hands
there's oh so much memories but memories nothing more
cause the life that you took will not be overlooked
and the hope that you held and strangled by the dell
yes the pain you gave in one swift wave
you will always save and take to your graveas you finish your life drenched to the bone in your own memories
she left home to years ago to wander places
far and unknown but when she never once calledhome the wondered where she ran....

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