Loyalist King Billy On The Wall Lyrics

Well there's a famous painting that everybody knows
It stands upon a gable wall over at Sandy Row
In memory of King William and brothers who did join
They fought for our deliverance at the Battle of the Boyne.


King Billy's on the wall
King Billy's on the wall
He stands so high, he shines so bright
He lights up the falls
There's millions come to see him, they stand and gaze in awe
They remember 1690, King Billy's on the wall.

There are slogans painted in red, white and blue
They tell the pope where he can go and what he can do
There's one for Gerard Rice, well that's a different class
Go take the Lower Ormeau Road and stick it up your a___.


Now the next time you're in Ulster won't you come and have a look
Stand beside that mural and have your photo took
Set it on the mantelpiece or hang it in the hall
So the whole world can see King Billy's on the wall.

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