UVF Remembrance Lyrics

As the sun breaks through the mist and dew
And the graveyard on a hill
As a piper plays next to lonely graves
And his notes are clear and shrill
As the air is rent with his sad lament
We remember those held dear
Men who gave their word
And took up the sword
With the Ulster Volunteers.

As the bugle blows over the graves in rows
And the last post fades away
As the valley sounds over deaths splayed ground
Where our fallen comrades lay
With their standards proud once their deathbed shrouds
We will come from far and near
To salute our dead and the roles they played with the Ulster Volunteers.

As the sun gets low and the shadows grow
And the headstones row upon row
As the nights surround these hallowed grounds
Where our comrades lie below
You can feel the beat of their marching feet
You may even feel them near
As they played away at the end of day
The Ulster Volunteers.

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