Knightowl I'm Not Afraid To Die Lyrics

That's right m________as
Knightowl's back with some of that violent s___
With my boy Lil' One up in this m________in house
Chris Gun up in this b_____, m________a
So keep your eyes open or I'ma shut em for ever
This is my kingdom of darkness

I'm not afraid to die blast me shoot me and execute me
And watch my ghost hunt that a__ down
I'll grab your feet at night and tickle your back bone with a blade
And blow you f___in dome with a gernade
I'll stick a riffle down your throat and slap your tonsils
I'll make you suck the barrel feel this homicide carrol
I'm straight sick just like syphlis on a d___
Remember when you acted like a man when you ain't s___
Talkin big like you was in but you ain't nothin but a f___in rat
You like to yap, for that I'd like to bring a baseball bat
So that I can crack your f___in dome in half
I'll watch you bleed, smoke weed as I enjoy a luagh
Shiverin as I'm delieverin lyrical man slaughter
You about to get bucked with this and bout to get bucked
My raps be tight like virgin p____ the one that makes it hot see
Bald headed m________a like a n___

[Chorus: Chris Gun]
I'm not afraid to die
I'm not afraid to ride
You know that snitches don't live long
And real G's multiple

[Mr. Lil One]
Homicide carrols unloadin from these barrels
"Mr. Rap Devil" still got the bow and arrows
Havok to the maggots turn the devil into a f__got
And all you m________as wonder why I like to brag it
Consequences fatal only if you make em
A bargin with a plee with 50 and I'll take
Add another 16 plus another 6
And if then maybe I won't be in the mix
Dropin the bombs let's all come along
If you wanna get ready to ride
Not be know the way I be rippin and trippin
These fools that be talkin their lies
If you not knowin the way I been doin it
You better be knowin it now
It's that little m________a how you like me now
Comin through up in the fog through the smog is when I test you
I rescue you in my arms in your palms I see the end
Never trust a man, a women or a friend
I hope that makes you think
d___ the devil went pink


I've been caught up in the game
On the streets they say that I'm insane
And that I like to kill just for m________in thrills
They say that I'm a bad influence on your children
They try to be like me and follow by the billions
But that s___ ain't my fault
So why you tryin to put the blame on the f___in thug
And show no love
Don't judge me and hold a grudge against me
Put yourself inside my shoes
Learn what it's like to feel the blues
If you ain't never been locked up
Then you best not open up them lips
Unless you want to fued like Bloods and Crips
Keep it real and that a__ my live a little longer
But if you like to yap you'll be the next to take a nap
Best keep it on the down low
You'll be the one that knows
I only speak the truth in these f___in flows
If you go snitch and I get busted locked up inside a cell
I'll kill you once again when we meet up in hell


That's right m________as
Real G's don't die we multiple
So watch that a__ b____
Before you end up floatin in a river
I'm loco and I speak nothin but facts
In this m________in vocals
Forever I'm a live for the music I speak
Eliminate the weak, cause they ain't about s___
f___ em all and their future
Their momma and their whole f___in generation
We control the m________in nation
Bald headed f___in thugs
Knightowl and Lil One bustin slugs

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