Blind Pigs Neo Hippie Lyrics

Well I was happy thinking
Hippies were dead and gone
But a stroll thought the shopping center proved
It proved me wrong
Wipe that smile off your face
Counter culture is dead
Flower power, neo-hippie is just
Is just a passing fad

Now neo-hippies you're just misguided youth
You're conformed like your parents
And that's the f___ing truth
And you think you're rebels in expensive rags
Smoking marijuana and life's a f___ing drag
And you think you're rebels in expensive rags
a__holes of the nineties buying into a fad, oh yeah

Your peace and love baby
To me don't mean s___
When businessmen are making money
Yeah money of it!
Paying a hundred bucks for that neo-hippie look
Just to look good by the latest
The latest fashion book

Now consumer culture rules
And money runs the world
I don't like it but that's the way it goes!
"I wanna belong, I try so hard to look cool"
Don't worry baby, consumer culture rules

Now neo-hippie get your own identity
I bet you saw some dumbfuck band on your MTV
So you copied their clothes their hair and their style
You make me wanna puke
When you flash your f___ing smile

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