Mark Seymour The Ghost of Vainglory Lyrics

Fame and riches she's got in spades
She's like no other behind the shades
Her bloodshot eyes in the midday sun
From savage doses of mindless fun

Legions gather at her command
She speaks a language they can understand
Her soft caresses she plays her game
As she undresses it begins to rain
She picks her man like he's a flower
She is raining kisses down like a summer shower

She's making love to the Ghost Of Vainglory

Lets keep it simple I said
But I was blind
To the kind of love she had on her mind
Inside the mirror superheroes live
So many secrets but not alot to give
Only for the desperate she cuts the cake
So little time so much love to make

She's in love with the Ghost Of Vainglory

Tall poppies will tumble underneath the blade
Where true love is made that's when she fumbles and falls
The passion stings she's given everything

Tossed on a storm like a ship at sea
For years she drifted till she came to me
Her eyes were dreaming she was looking for
The simple magic she knew before

She fell in love with the Ghost Of Vainglory

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