Lil' Nix Off the Markov Lyrics

check it out, check it in, let me begin
who is that Persian kid trying to login
thinks he's a student but we all know the truth
homeboy couldn't program a TI-82

fast forward, who's this, with his head in his arms
drool dripping on his copy of CLR
why it's Monzy, but why is his screen all dark?
Stanford is like taking a walk in Xerox Parc

fool, I can't relate to your psets in the lab
mine were more straightforward than a bidirected graph
while your sort is O(n), mine is constant time
and I can code that b____ in less than half the lines

they call me Lil' Nix -- world class multiplayer
got more hits than TCP's got layers
I'm dope like AMD, I dream in a__embly
is that a transistor in your lap, or you just happy to see me

cause I'm OG -- that's Original Geeksta
I'll pwn your clan and then say "nice to meet ya"
syntactically I flow like Church or Ritchie on the sdiff
elegantly functional or practically imperative

I heard your last girlfriend wanted an upgrade
she core dumped you and /dev/null'ed the strace
wanna know why you get permission denied?
girls diss your three inch floppy and I ain't talking 'bout your drive

your research is so wack you got a negative Erdos number
so that's why you're "MC++, BottomCoder"
it's 2 a.m., time to put on some Monzy
his rhymes'll knock you out faster than sleep(1000)

I'm sippin' on Cognac, typin' in Dvorak
got all the boys Jonesin' cause baby got TrackBack
my code's squeaky clean, no unexpected bugs
meet all the specs, cause I use... Junit

next release now, 2.6.17
Torvalds and Morton tryin' to regulate the kernel tree
code's done, oh no, it's too late in the cycle
hands up off the keyboard, ok let's go

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