Lack Of Limits Man In The Back Lyrics

Everywhere she go you follow
How can it be that I never met her alone
You have a smile, that's tattooed on your face
Your presence make me feel So angry to the bone

Man in the back,
Leave us alone
Oh can't you see,
I want to take her home

She's not your lover,
She's not your sister,
And you're not her brother
She say you're just a friend
So I have no reason
To feel that kind of jealousy
But I am going mad I know
You're sleeping in her bed

I'd like to kick you back into your place
Seems to be dangerous for you to stay
Anytime I'd like to punch your smile
I don't care if you got something to say

Girl, why do you have to come here
And take this dipshit with you
Do you think, it's necessary
To do that things to me
So you say I have no reason
To feel that kind of jealousy
I´m going mad, I know
He´s sleeping in your bed

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