ECHOLYN MEI: Part 2 Lyrics

We share more than the end
A tragic blend of c___tails with a kiss
My love grows anxious
Waiting for the cure - picking sores
We were careless
To be taken by such misery
That tastes of violence - the saints are silent
God won't perform here anymore

My love is pale
A perfect shade of fear
Balled up on the floor
In need
We turned away the sun
Cold, empty, alone
Embrace the violence
The saints are silent
God won't perform here anymore

Fade away, far away

I've lost all feeling

I go and come back
Like memories and symptoms
They go and come back forever evermore
Part of me remains abandoned in a circle
And part of me moves on

The wipers move back and forth confessing
The scenes pass through my eyes
Slipping through darkness
Deeper than oceans
The miles can't purify

My dashboard glows cold liquid red
The miles tick on and on
Rainfall adds to a beat, lamenting
What's been said and done

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