Solomon Burke Baby, Come On Home Lyrics

When your baby
Packs up and leaves you
You see her train
Disappear out of sight

What would you give
If you had the power
To hold back that
Long, lonely night

And I keep praying
(Baby, come on home)
Wherever you might be
Come on home to me
I need you

I used to take her lips for granted
All of her kisses tasted the same
But now, she's gone, gone
And, oh, what I would give
Just to see her, just to hear her
Call my name

(Baby, come on home)
I'm afraid you're coming home
One long, lonely night

She never wore
Bright colored dresses
Didn't like perfume
Diamond and lace

But I wanted parties
And a big time woman
Now all I want
God knows all I need
Is to see her face and
Hear her call my name again

And say
(Baby, I'm coming home)
I need you, baby
Please come home

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