Fordirelifesake Something Missing Lyrics

I can see my reflection glaring in your eye. As if the tears were trying to tell me, what they try to tell me all the time. I never thought I'd get this far. You'll never understand, these actions keep us moving. And you will see me through this. If only you could see, what you just gave to me. If only you could understand. This time, with these words, I need to tell you, I'll miss you. but if you care, we'll sing this song together. This time, these words, mean everything to me, when you say : this time, these words will bring us all together. I feel you, as if you were standing right beside of me. Every day that passes by I hold together deep inside. Fold back and find your favorite sides. Try. These tracks are your distractions. You'll never understand these actions keep us moving. You'll never know, you'll never understand. Time passes by, while these memories are fading. It seems its getting harder. Is this just me? Then maybe you don't know me. Am I asleep? Am Ijust drifting farther. Is this a dream? The end or the beginning.

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