Suffokate Souls and Lost Memories Lyrics

Torture bleeding into your own frustrations i am dying GOD LEAVE ME BURYED
in here waiting for your denial to come back for what you have done
This choose was yours I've based this on friendship This time i take my own
take my own
Dark smoke is all we breath brought forth by my hate I've turned the signs
to steal your f___ing faith No control for the sadness that carving into me
I stand broken you stand bleeding i must now terminate so turn away right now
Just Swing or turn away Just f___ing Swing just turn away you might be broke
Enjoy this one last time i hope your life fades
you've pushed the blade for choose life and now I've found away out
let shadows speak for what you've done I've been born embraced in lies
and a war that is unknown from what's in me i will not breath
no more just stay away I've been waiting on the outside for this day to arise

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