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I hope I'm getting through... This is independent librarian dynamic Sean Kennedy the 6th. This is episode number 732.653.663.398.36.1 This is a pirate radio broadcast in Queen's English sometime Afternow. By listen to this you should be advised you are violating your listener's license agreements and could be shoved subject to suspension of your listener's license. You should disconnect now if you should come across this by accident.. Its vitally important that you listen to this. If you the one that would turn this off you're the one that needs it more than anyone. So light your candles and may server protect us all.

What do you say to ghosts who died before you're born? What do you say to people you have never met? What do you say to people who have the only chance of saving you? Maybe preventing you from existing. The purpose of this broadcast is so that you can change the beginning to stop the end. I have so much to tell you, I have so much to try get across. I hope there's still time. I have no notes so I am going to forget a few things. Paper is hard to come by, more than that it is expensive.

Hmm.. Being an independent librarian doesn't pay much, other than, you know, a quick trip to the recycler.

I don't know what time it is right now. I mean I could give you the hour of the day. I am doing this at about 22:37. I couldn't tell you exactly what year it is. We're in the Springtime right now. The sun is just starting to get unbearable. I haven't been able to avoid most of the outside. It's hard.

I mean how do I tell you what's going now? How do I...

The only way to do it is to try to start from the beginning if I could ever find out where the beginning is. IF I can find out where the beginning is maybe we can stop the end. Maybe it can't be stopped.

But... gotta try. Always gotta try.

I suppose the beginning was, well, Y2K. The famous Y2K. Everyone said the world was going to end, everyone said that everything was going to go sideways. And it did. The world did end, at the year 2000. Its just nobody noticed, maybe no one cared. They were to distracted by everything going around us. They were to distracted by our own lives, by the ideas that maybe somehow someway everything was going to be ok if we could just change the channel.

The big wave pol' call came in September 11th

The famous 9 - 1 - 1, of two thousand and one.

That was the real start of it all, that was. I mean it would have come otherwise. But I guess that was the thing that really put it in to perspective.

See at that time there was terroristic action that crashed these planes into these two massive towers. They weren't archologies but they were big for the time. They were um, in New York where now the ahh, these pack mecha now stand.

Anyway the towers crashed down killed a lot of people, a lot of innocent people. Shocked the whole world up until that point. The United States was this untouchable unbreakble thing, it was this force of God. Then all of a sudden a bunch of terrorists took these multi-billion dollar pieces of machinery and used them against America.

The world went mad. The media at that time fanned the fires of paranoia. It was everywhere everything became terrorism.

Not like today, it wasn't enforceable.

But they were just whipping it up, everyone was afriiad of the terrorists.

If you broke the law you became a terrorist.

The fear that came in was the lubrication to legislate all civil rights away.

People were more concerned with being safe than being free.

The Homeland Security Act was passed allowing the government to have absolute power

If you were even anti-social you were a terrorist.

At that time there was a distinction of criminals. There was hackers and computer crime. Apparently there was a bunch of terms for it. (Umm what was it) Hacker and I think there was a cracker as well. There's a couple other ones to. There was one involving the phones, which I can't remember. I don't think it is hacker though.

Anyway The Homeland Security act was the first step in blanketing all of it away.

Making it all one big happy family of crime.

It starts getting a bit fuzzy after that. Time wasn't copy written at that time but it was ... education, misinformation everything was kinda, a little bit sketchy. We don't know what's really happening.

But we do know after that all the guns were outlawed in North America. Only the military only the police had guns.

Everyone was talking about safety again. It was all for the safety.

Safety for the children safety for this safety for that but,

They never learned from history.

It happened before it happened with Hitler it happened with the n___s. It happed time and time again, every time an empire starts to really digs its heels in, just before they do they take away all the guns.

That's when uh, alternative weapons really hit the mainstream. Swords came back, with a vengeance.

Martial arts were vilified in the press and the media of the day.

Oh you are learning Martial Arts? Why you want to hurt people?

It was amazing

Anything you cou', that could be used to protect yourself with was vilified.

And we took it, oh yeah we took it.

We all just accepted it.

It was a few years later when the REAL crackdown came.

The Listener's License.

What a fantastic concept.

I can't believe it.

See it happened like this.

There was this

There is all this piracy, see everybody was

Piracy was

Uh, Piracy is now what they now consider a theft.

See in order to combat piracy which was getting really rampant

All this information was flowing around nobody really liked that so they wanted it gone.

And they wanted to get rid of piracy. But they couldn't stop it.

The Internet was growing everyday. No one could stem the flow so they created the Listener's License.

Started real easy.

See music, legitimate music to purchase, was, you know, say 20 bucks.

And then what they did was, if you signed up to get this card, you know like

A loyalty program card of the day.

You'd get 75% percent off.

So a 20 dollar CD became a 5 dollar CD.

And you could buy it legitimately.

For 20 bucks you would walk out of there with 4 CD's.


Of course people were signing up for it in droves, I mean

Why wouldn't ya?

You could go buy a pirate CD for 6 bucks or you could buy the reall thing for 5.

Consumers are such mercenaries.

So they signed up en masse.

2 years went by, 2 years.

Then it became mandatory.

See if you didn't have your listener's license, if you couldn't present your card, well you weren't able to buy music.

Part of the licensing agreement came when you got the card.

And all of sudden people were out in the cold.

But it wasn't just the music you know.

The Listener's not Licensed was created by the conglomerates.

They all got together

If you wanted to see a movie, hey if you had your listener's License you could get in for 2dollars. (chuckle) 2 bucks.

Oh you don't have a Listener's License, well you can't get in.

Se they couldn't control the piracy so they stopped it at its source.

If ever you were found to be a pirate or if your computer was ever found to have MP3's that weren't appropriate on it you were eliminated, your listener's License was revoked and you were out of the loop.

Its all private enterprise, you don't have a right to music, you never had a right to it. Its all private.

No more movies no more shows. Can't even buy art.

Cause you can scan it. What if you scanned that picture?

So, Regulation of course is always the first step to total domination.

But we didn't see that either.

We weren't ready for the horror.

At that time the Listener's License had huge power.

Not the power it has today, I mean now

If you do not have a valid Listener's License. I mean

Well in our time you can't do anything, I mean, you're a pirate.

If you can't present, that is part of your paperwork.

It's part of your identification.

See the listener's License, after they came out with that. That was a huge step one.

But everyone was so focused on the Listener's License they didn't see where the REAL power play was made.

See everyone was so whipped up, and the media again, you know the corporately controlled media.

Got everyone focusing on the benefits and the drawbacks, a big debate over the listener's license.

But then what they didn't see was, was the regulations that went into play on the recording equipment.

See that was the real that was the one that really came back.

They started putting these standards on microphones and any kind of recording media.

You wanted to record, well you gotta adhere to this standard.

Because this is the future. Got to make sure the quality is there.

Chips were put into place.

All recording media became regulated.

No listener's Listen, well at the very least you can't buy recorded media.


Can't make your own music if you don't have the listener's license.

And this grew to where it's at today,

Where there is no more cameras, and microphones are gone.

All the kit I'm using here, well this would get me recycled for sure.

So just by listening unfortunately you're breaking the law.

But if you are still listening then you an' you probably have it in your head that listening to people talk probably isn't bad despite what the prompters say.

Speech should be free. People should be able to talk.

There used to be a time people could sing openly without being worried about licensing.

There used to be a time when you'd be able to a read a book or tell a story.

Of course the books are gone.

And you can still lose your license by telling stories.

Its dangerous business being creative.

There were a few who knew, the dangers that'd come from that listener's license, there were a few who caught on.

But just as you know, the joke was starting to get up, the impossible happened.

The Asian War.

Oh man.

Well the beginning of it, it didn't actually start in Asia it started in the Middle East.

There's a whole lot of information that nobody gets,

You know, no knows who started it, if it was Israel or

Apparently there was a country call Pakistan and Palestine and a bunch of other ones.

No one knows who started it.

Most destructive conflict. MANMADE conflict the world had ever seen.

See what happened was that one day, out of the blue, someone set off a bomb, thermal nuclear device.

It was a big one.

It was different and changing reports people,

You know they,

They said it was any where between 1 and 5 megatons I heard people who even say it was 8 megatons.

But it went off, and all of the Middle East was caught in this big firestorm.

People were still watching television when the other bombs went into the air.

Missiles huge

Maybe they were launched when the bomb was coming


Altogether something like 13 nuclear bombs went off

The government had satellites in s___e to try and stop this very thing

They hit them you know.

They shot them with these lasers I guess from satellites.

Of course everybody knows that they had these lasers in s___e so the bombs were armed once, well once they left you know airspace, that was it.

They were, they were armed

and when the lasers hit them well they just detonated in the atmosphere.

right in the ozone layer.

And despite what anyone tells you, that's the truth as to how we lost it.

Nobody knew what was going to happen, nobody knew that, that woulda been the great cataclysm.

Our great achievement of technology.

We were all scared the nukes were going to kill us all, we just didn't know how they were going to do it.

Bombs went out in the ozone layer and started a chain reaction.

Burned off 95% of our Ozone layer, I heard a stat.

Somebody said it was 95%, other people say it was 50%, 40%, I do', I don't know.

But with those bombs flying around

See cause everything was regulated.

All the knowledge was regulated.

The real killer of it all is they never told us, they never told us the ozone layer was gone.

Then the people started to die in the great plague.

Third world nations were wastelands.

Some people would go out in the mornings and they'd just die, right there in the fields.

When they came and go them that evening they were open sores on them, the water around them steaming

There wasn't even bugs

The whole ecology just went for hell.

The rainforest started to die, everything started to die right then and there.

But nobody was willing to admit it was the ozone

Everyone just said fallout, it was all the fallout.

It was right then and there that America cut the guts out of the gas nations of the Middle East.

Any chance they had for any kind of economy was toast.

They knew that the gas flow was going to stop so they put their plan into effect.

Through he wonders of military technology we developed the modern day waste gas machine. That's what the cars run on here.

Any combustion engine runs on waste gas.

Waste gas is a gasoline made from any kind of organic substance.

I don't know the chemistry or the science behind it.

You take anything organic essentially

Especially any kinda meat put it in here and it makes a, makes fuel

They were used to tanks and what not.

So conversion kits were selling like hot cakes

Everyone was putting these things out.

Motorcycles went through the roof

Everyone was using a bike.

Which was funny

You would think that having bikes all that time woulda been great but we didn't have the ozone layer so

People had to drive around in these armor clad s___esuit looking things.

Those were the first enviro suits.

Shortly after that The Great Plague came

This was a combination disease, The Great Plague

The Great Plague

Even today they are still fighting over with what that was.

What is the Great plague what is that?

See all the toxins that were already in our bodies,

It didn't start with the ozone layer, we were poisoning ourselves long before that with hormones and stuff we were doing tomeat.

Pharmaceutical companies were powerless to stop it.

I mean they claimed everything from food being tampered with to terrorism to fallout.

Blame it on the fallout.

They really kicked it on the organic growers too.

Cause they went keeping it with technology.

Organic food went on a total dive.

Of course with the ozone layer gone demand for food was like never before.

First dome farms were starting to be built.

It was never enough.

That's when they start giving us scraps.

See if I can remember what that stands for now

What is it.

I think it is a
Synthetically Created Ration Provision
Or Rationed Provision

Scraps Yeah,

Generic food for the masses.

The only thing that it was said it was made out of was consumables.

Consumables for consumers

Once upon time you used to be able to grow apples in your yard.

Without any licensing or regulation

You could just grow and apple tree.

Not any more.

I can't remember the last I have had a meal that wasn't out of a bag.

Corporations were cleaning up.

But the plague going through the United States

50 million people died in 4 years.

Between the sun and disease and

That is when the first burning booths went up.

It was a sanitation thing

Stuff the bodies in, burns it down to its base chemicals and

You get the 1.86 worth out of a little slot on the side.

Huge lineups of people

Trucks stacked high with as many bodies as they could find.

Just waiting to cash them in

You could make 100 bucks a day if you worked 9 hours burning bodies.

With the cash incentive the streets got clean pretty fast.

That's where the first human resources companies came into play.

That's where they got their start up cash

Burning bodies of the dead killed by the plague.

'Course the Corporations were making a killing.

But all the smaller competitors companies not able to look after their staff.

They just started snacking them up.

There was more mega corps made in a 10 year span.

Companies that were mega-corps lost all their power and new ones wer', just created overnight

People who did know the ozone were gone.

Well The first archologies were made.

Towers of glass and steel protect us all

Keep us all safe, provided you were employed.

If you were employed you got to live in the archology

You got to use their filtration system

Oh yeah

You take part of their company's licensing

Always the concern with licensing

Of course now entertainment had taken a far more sinister tone.

Everything was war.

Nobody even knew how to stop it.

Nobody knew what to

So the entertainment reflected that

Started filming basic training

Sending in camera crews with special forces team

WAR, Live and Direct!

Filming people getting shot.

Filming the fallout.

It was great TV.

They had sport, nationalism, patriot, feeling of superiority all bred into one convenient primetime special.

By the time this had all happened any thought of tracking the Internet was gone.

No one even knows how far it reached,

Maybe it's still growing

Somehow I doubt it

It's possible.

Monks say it still is.


To go with the listener's License

Finally The full fledged dream of the World Licensing Organization was created.

And they set the standards for all things.

Once they were established

All the mega-corps

What was left of the United Nations.

They couldn't stop them

So they began to copyright everything.

Behind closed doors, nobody had a say.

Queen's English is copy written.

That is why I try not to keep my street slang down to a bare minimum

It just not language though it is every word every image, program, software, everything's owned.

That was when they stopped teaching us how to read.

Of course if you were employed part of a company's licensing scheme, oh yeah.

You learned how to read.

But for us Fringers out here. It's a, no hope for you.

Every idea is owned

They had a whole new line of buzzwords.

Unlicensed knowledge is p___ography.

Unregulated media is propaganda.

Sharing is theft.

All those catchy little slogans.

If it wasn't for the WLO maybe we'd a chance, maybe the government could've stood up to them but

When the WLO went in that was

I think that was really the end, that was the last of it.

That was the final nail.

The government is based on a legal system

Businesses used that legal system to take out the government

Oh sure we still have our government now, you know they are nothing more than just a human resource's tool

Keep the Fringers out.

Cities turning into wastelands

Everybody moved indoors.

Sun was killing anyone left outside

But like all survivors

We found a way to adapt

Mostly just walking around with layers, layers, and layers of clothing like the nomads of the desert used to do.

I try to imagine what the cities looked like at that time.

I try to imagine what it must a been like

These huge bleached out, white sheets of concrete, tinted glass

Occasionally individuals scuffling quickly out of doors

Cars with tinted glass, slowly going up and down streets.

Occasionally someone would fall over, start having convulsions

They would barely even stop moving before a truck would show up.

And five Bedouin looking types would jump out and throw the body still twitching in the back of the truck

The guy was worth two dollars to them dead they had no reason to try and save 'em.

Hospitals stopped treating plague.

I mean if you had money you were ok.

Most of the cops set up perimeters around hospitals.

Emergency services were never available to the poor, not for the homeless.

Of course with the licensing regulations, you couldn't be a doctor and just work on your own

Oh their were doctors who did it.

The greats you know.

I mean everyone still talks about

Good ol Carl Grandberg.

Doctor Carl Grandberg

If you haven't heard of doctor Carl

He was ah, a guy who setup a hospital all on his own out on the fringes.

Well what was the early stages of the fringes I mean before the archologies really nailed down what the fringes were. He went to the outskirts and it was

Chicago at that time?


Found this old concrete plant and setup a hospital there.

It was kept secret to close to 5 years.

God knows how many people he helped.

Some people still pray to him like his is a saint.

Dr. Carl

I think I've got one of his books somewhere.

But the Middle East and everybody ripping each other up.

Eventually of course well they ran out of people.

And it just turned into a wasteland

And that is when China moved in

They just marched right in there.

Set their troops into toxic spills so bad.

But China kept sending their troops in.

The big red machine.

That is when America got really scared.

See they could use media to get the populous, the ones who mattered behind them.

There's big business in war.

So now with the scare of the big red machine

People were volunteering to stop that.

They had an enemy finally, someone just not these specific little groups.

Any human rights for the soldiers went out the window.

Bio-medical experimentation, super soldier serum, genetic modification, DNA modification

It was all the order of the day

Thousands and Thousands and thousands of these bright eyed bushy tailed 19 year old kids were strapped down to cold laboratory tables

Jacked with God knows what.

Of course the media listed their most successful transformations these superheroes.

Look at this, Johnny can lift 5 tons, Johnny will only live 12 months but Johnny can lift 5 tons.

It was a freak show.

Treating these kids with drugs to take radiation, but the drugs would kill them in 10 years.

But that's ok were not worried about the long term.

Enough people survived to keep killing

Keep the war alive

Keep the war effort going.

War is good for business, Business was doing well.

Cities became nothing more than well, the megas.

What was the first mega?

It was the east Pac mega.

Eastern Pacific Mega City

The great achievement of our time.

These huge towers.

People could live with out ever going outside.

You never needed to worry about filtration, you never needed to worry about your water, you never need to worry about that sun burning you to death.

I remember they said you didn't have to worry about mosquitoes but well mosquitoes are long since history.

It was not really mosquitoes I was worried about at that time it was

I was more making sure my body didn't rot off my bones.

That was the big one.

That was the thing that had me interested in the megas

And then even at that time with the first megas going up

They never admitted

They STILL will not admit that the ozone layer was gone.

Still fallout, still fallout

The Asian war came to an end and the Chinese bloodline was set up in Europe.

The soldiers that did come home those that lived past you know, 2 years.

Most of them were all discharged with a handshake and a medal.

And in a way in a sick way, I s'pose it was a good thing the archologies were up cause they all, most of them went to work as corp cops.

They were still, you know, usable with any kind of functional resource for them.

The archologies had there own police forces inside the buildings.

Security forces making sure that

Espionage was under control, not stopped, just under control.

Big money to be made in the cooperate espionage business.

You got the right files, man you can make money.

That's a whole nother game though.

Instead of having 50 some odd nations to do spies with you got thousands of them.

Lot of the soldiers that came back were modified to be able to live in that kind of radiation.

I hear that there's camps on top of some of the archologies where no one goes, that

The security forces don't go up there.

Some of the building have actually got, like camps high above the cityscapes where these guys live, and breath, and work get food.

Out in the wastelands there are installations run by colonels and

I heard tell of a legion of them running around in the wastelands.

Apparently there is a fellow by the name of Prophet runs a

Its this huge mass of vehicles, all runs on waste gas and

They drive around looking for God or something.

I don't really know.

I mean it is kind of a legend but.

Some of the, some of the pilots they talk about it.

I don't know for sure, I've heard stories.

It is kinda ironic, technology has progressed so far now

We don't even know, we don't even know what is real and what's, what's an idea anymore.

I've heard stories of cyborgs completely bipedal walking, synthetic people

I've heard stories of anti gravity tanks.

I've heard stories of everything that's mentioned in science fiction books I've heard of it.

But there is no way to confirm who has what technology cause all of it's locked down, now nobody knows who's got what.

Its ironic that in a time that technology is so strong there is so many people who still have no idea.

The final of hurdle of course was time.

That got conquered just a few years ago I guess.

I mean I, I can't say for sure, I got no data.

Just what I hear.

The way that the people can hear this in the past is that apparently they take some signal and they do something with it.

They accelerate the frequency and using light or something I don't know how it works.

But they can transport electric frequencies and light back and forth through time.

Some say that's what the UFOs were. All throughout history it was people in the future throwing these bright b____ of light back in time.

But I don't know if we can do more than that, I don't know if.

Some of the books I have I read about people talking about abductions and cattle mutilations and all sorts of stuff.

I hope I am making some kind of sense, I mean.

It'd be easier if I could write a book.

You know I could just tell you what's, what's happening, but of course

Books, writing a book.

I don't even know why we call the books anymore.

Writing a book. What are you doing? Reading a book.

Everything is all on tablets now. There's no

Books are currency now. Especially on the fringes. Hard currency.

You got technical manuals anything like that.

You can trade that for a lot of scrap man.

Books can keep you alive.

I guess if I were to, to say the heck with it and stop being a librarian I could, I probably wouldn't have to worry about eating for a couple of years.

But what have you got at the end of it though? There's nothing to rebuild.

See books are recycled

They use the material for what ever they can.

Its hard to regulate a book. See you can't see who reads it.

There's no licensing agreement on a table of contents. You just open a page and begin to read.

It's the strength of books.

That's what terrified them.

Paperless age.

That is why mine is the most heinous of crimes.

I'm a librarian

Sharing is theft so I am a vendor of stolen property to help those I can.

I am not ashamed to say I have taught 42 people how to read.

Queen's English.

I can't speak any other languages, I'd would like to learn though.

Teaching 42 people to read is probably the greatest thing I have every done.

Probably shouldn't, probably shouldn't broadcast to much more.

I got, I'm running out of time.

It's not to good to broadcast for to long from one location

Though the cops don't really care about murder or open gunfire provided it's not to near to the archology.

But if the a

Well if the corp politicals go and send them out here, they ah, they will find me.

Cops here exist as shock troops only

I mean the actually governmental police they only respond to the massive violence or the corporate crimes.

You could kill your wife and throw her body in the street.

Hell, someone will come by and throw her in a burn booth. You wouldn't even have to worry about it.

But you're doing a broadcast, playing music.

Oh yeah you better believe it.

They'll be down here in their armored personal carriers and they'd be out there and you would be dragged away never to be seen from again.

There's a couple of pirate stations run by gangs in the inner city.

Not inside the archologies of course but

Where you get near city core you got the

well its different in every mega.

There's different gangs run different blocks

Its all black market commerce

Commerce is another thing.

I've got so much to tell you about, I just can't

I don't know how I am going to get it all in.

I suppose I should tell a little about where we're at now.

I'm sorry I'm so broken

I wish I could be more solid with you.

I don't

See the megas are now are is they got these a

Well ah

Your typical mega is a stack of 50 or 60 massive archology towers

And then you've got smaller corp buildings that sparse in between them like some kind of weird

Then you got everything circled in rings

Because of what I do I am able to get inside the archologies

But that's

That's a whole 'nother

That's a whole 'nother story. But

Just on the outside. On the inside you got, you know corporations running these private little cities.

Unbelievable the stuff that goes on there.

Its this twisted surrealistic, "Everything's OK."

Logos plastered on everything. The most wild propaganda you have ever seen in your life.

They'll do anything to stop from going outside the people of the archologies, I mean

Arch'ers, are just, their afraid of it.

I've heard, you know what if people get removed from the archologies, their given a choice. They can either go outside or they can just go to the burn booth

And they give them a good credit for their family.

Of course outside the Archs you got

Well at least in the immediate mega corp

I mean that's

All the streets are vendors. And

Gangs and thugs and prostitution and

Its like this huge

I am trying to describe it in a way that

Its an area of sound and fury and s__ and noise and explosions and

Always desperation everywhere
YOU feel it clawing at your eyes.

Getting a bit further out on the fringes it gets to be a little easier.

Areas that used to be neighborhoods and trash piles and

There is a few neighborhoods left.

Mostly ex-gated communities taken over by independent policing communities.

Ah people just, people trying to survive, you know.

And then on the far fringe, ah well that is where all the wreckage is put.

They just take the waste from the archs and the inner communities and they run them with the trash techs out to the fringe and dump it.

Most people in, out here have

Well that we all live in cars.

Most of them don't run anymore.

We're on the foot half the time.

Try and stay down during the day and go out mostly at night.

Even with the sunscreen it doesn't really help.

Apparently they used to make sunscreen as a

Sunscreen was a, was a lotion.

Today we a

There's actually is a fabric called sunscreen

The ah, the archs use it on their windows.

And if they have an outdoor function they'll

They'll go and they'll put the sunscreen up, so that

huge sheets of the stuff

That's worth money.

If you can get sunscreen well

You can trade that for just about anything out here, big bucks

Big bucks for sunscreen.

Status now is really strange.

Things that people used to take for granted are now status.

Its unbelievable,

Like having hair.

I mean if you've got a good head of hair, wow that's, that's something.

It means your healthy for one, two you can look after it.

Mostly arch'ers only have hair.

I mean I can't remember the last time I had hair.

Its unsanitary anyway, or at least that's what they tell you.

Of course that's not true for Carcass.

My man, Carcass

That's my big status symbol, I got a dog.

I can tell you more about him later but poor, ol' Carcass he's a

I don't know if you can call it hair.

That's what happens when the military gen jokes ya.

I kinda run out of things to say right now. I

There's so much more I gotta give ya I just wanted to give you a heads up.

I'll talk to, to you soon

I should get going, been here for to long.

This is independent librarian dynamic Sean Kennedy the 6th, broadcasting from an 1960 Plymouth Fury, in an unknown grid.

Please Help Me.

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